Chicago Police Officers Help Elderly Woman Home And Fill Her Empty Cabinets With Food

Two Chicago police officers were being praised Friday for helping a lost woman find her way home and filling her empty cabinets with food.

Officers Haro and McDonald were responding to call of a found person on Thursday when they arrived to find an elderly woman who appeared to be lost and disoriented, according to a post on the Chicago Police Department’s Facebook page.

The woman was pushing her walker and had apparently been wandering around in the same area for hours, the post stated.

When the officers tried to talk to her it became clear she was “nonverbal and appeared to have difficulty communicating,” according to the post.

So Officer Haro began to write questions for the woman, who was then able to respond.

After learning the woman lived only a few blocks away, the officers walked her to her residence, according to the department.

Once inside her home, the officers discovered that she lived alone and had very little food on hand.

Both officers went out to buy groceries and stocked the woman’s refrigerator and cabinets with food, the posted stated.

They were thanked by the woman with tears and a hug.




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